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ASD Player is a simple video player for Android mobiles. You can use it to watch both online and offline videos. It is a user-friendly player which is very easy to use. ASD Player has options that can be easily operated and changed for you to enjoy the streaming time. The player can be downloaded to your mobile for free and used for free as well. There are many features in ASD Player that help you have fun with it to the fullest. 

asd player features

ASD Player Features

Free of charge

ASD Player is totally free to download, install and use. You need not to make any subscriptions or purchases for this. There are also no paid versions, Premium features or other hidden payments for the app.

Add-free streaming

Displaying ads is a common thing in all the streaming apps. But ASD Player does not fall into that category. It does not allow any advertisement or sponsored content to be displayed through it. Both your offline streaming as well as online streaming will get this benefit. So you can watch the movies, TV shows or whatever you choose smoothly without any disturbance. 

Quick search

ASD Player can help you browse your full device for all the playable files in one click. This is called “Quick Search”. All you have to do is to select the device storage, type the keywords and hit the Search button. Otherwise, you also can look in folder by folder on your device to search what you need.

Watch IPTV

IPTV can be directly accessed through the ASD Player. You will only have to have your IPTV address and login. You can easily watch TV from your mobile this way. You also can use the same features in the player to control what you watch in the TV channels too.

User-friendly Interface

ASD Player is extremely user friendly. From its setup and the arrangements of buttons, it can be easily learnt by the children and the elderly even. From the Play button to adjusting Settings of the app are all in simple language. The interface is clean and clear including the streaming screen. You can enjoy watching videos with your whole family with ASD Player. 

Search Bar

This is the easiest browsing place. You can select whether you want to search in the device storage or online or both. Just type the keywords of what you need to find about and hit the search button. You will be able to view all the related results of your search in one go.

Customizable Interface

To make the users comfortable with using the player for long periods, the developers have made it highly customizable. It has themes, dark mode, profile personalization, language selection, etc. to ensure their user-friendly nature.

Supporting file formats

The player can support many media file formats which include MP3, MP4, APE, MKV, FLAC, FLV, WAV, etc. You can open all these media files without using any converters. The audio files, short videos and full length videos are all supported by this same player. By just one click, you can watch anything you like without worrying about what format it is in. 

HD Videos

ASD Player allows you to select the quality you want the video to be played in. This choice ranges from 240p to HD quality. The highest quality videos can use up resources of your device quite fast, but you can enjoy it. The lower qualities are advisable when you need to save mobile data in online watching or save battery. The highest resolution of what you watch can bring you the full stimulus of the movie.

Sorting video and audio files

The media files can be sorted into folders with names on each. You can categorize them by the artist, album, added year, genre, movies, TV shows, etc. You can access your device storage and select files using quick search to complete this. By doing so, you will be able to browse through your own libraries easily once you open the player each time.

Audio and Music player

Since ASD Player also supports audio files you can listen to music with it. You can add your playlists to it or you can give the app one-time access to your music lists. You can listen to both online and offline audio like this. If you prefer to listen with the screen off, that is possible with ASD Player too. All the tools which are available to control the video streaming are available for audio control as well. You can even adjust the quality of the media that you are listening to. You will find it very easy to handle with the Play, Pause, Next, volume up, volume down buttons and the like.

Shuffle, Replay and loop music

These are the options that the users are very familiar with. These popular options can be found in the ASD Player too. To shuffle your playlist, replay a song until you stop it and loop a playlist so that the songs are played in a sequence can be done by 3 main buttons. These can be found right below the current playing audio. 

Sleep timer

You can set a timer to stop playing a video or an audio. Actually, this is more useful when you are playing audio files. This feature is very rare in media players and you will find it really useful.

Ringing tones

When you open an audio, music or video file from ASD Player, you can select it part by part and set it as your ringing tone. This can be done by the “More” button you can find in the display interface. Even from video files, the audio can be extracted and used as a ringing tone. This feature applies for both online and offline files.

Lock screen operations

When you listen to audio in the ASD Player, your device screen can get locked. But ASD Player can save you the trouble of having to unlock it every time you need to change a song. The main navigation buttons are there on the lock screen itself and you can easily play, pause, move to the next song and adjust volume easily.


You will get notifications about the current activities of the player, like updates, sharing, ratings, etc. These will be visible on your lock screen as well, if you allow the option.

Share videos and audios

With ASD Player, you can share both audio and media files through social media. You can send your friends a link of what you are watching or listening to. 

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